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Regeneration, Homeopathy, and the RegenRX Product Line

Regeneration is defined as the natural renewal of a cell, tissue, or organ. Life consists of anabolic and catabolic processes. In catabolic processes, cells are destroyed; in anabolic, they are created anew.

Cells are constantly dying in order to keep us alive. The stomach creates a new lining every five days. (If the stomach lining was not continually replaced, hydrochloric acid from the stomach juices would burn a hole in the stomach, which would soon cause death.) Skin replaces itself every 30 days. Every three months we have a new skeleton. The red blood cells have a life span of 120 days, and must then be replaced. Each of the different tissues of the body has its own natural life cycle. IT IS THE AIM OF REGENERATION THERAPY TO STIMULATE THE PROCESS OF SELF-RENEWAL.

In Clinical Bioenergetics, when a patient with numerous physical complaints first comes to see a practitioner, many of the important organs of the body are toxic and weak (not functioning at optimal capacity). The process of drainage and detoxification will reduce toxicity in the body, but the organ function may still remain weak and susceptible to future physical, emotional, and nutritional stressors. RegenRx™ remedies are intended to address this issue, for their main purpose is to strengthen the energetically weak organs.

As practitioners we have treated numerous patients who initially improved with drainage and detoxification, only to hit a point where, despite every therapy that was given, the patients failed to make any further improvement. This is referred to as the Plateau Stage, and is usually very frustrating for both patient and practitioner. Many patients stop their therapy or go to see another practitioner.

The RegenRx™ remedies are ideally suited to this Plateau Stage. It is at this time that the toxic load in the body has been greatly reduced, but the tissues and organs are still weak. They need to be tonified and strengthened, in the same way that you would build muscles at the gym. Repetitive intake of the subtle energies carried in the RegenRx™ formulas will help strengthen the organs that are still weak, just as repetitive exercise enhances muscle tone.

Research has shown that the pituitary gland is not only the "Master Gland" of the body, but that is also sends out a signal which promotes regeneration of other glands and the major organs of the body. This elaborate process appears to involve growth hormone. Thus, strengthening the pituitary gland can assist with regeneration throughout the entire body.

Why Use Homeopathy for Regeneration

Why not use nutritional supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, and foods for regeneration? Why use homeopathy? To answer this, we need to briefly review the biophysics of regeneration.

Each organ system, while connected to the essential life force or Chi of a person, is also a unique BioEnergy system, vibrating at a certain resonant frequency. An imbalance in the organ's frequency represents a disturbance in its BioEnergy, and slows the process of doing what it knows to do naturally—that is, to regenerate and renew itself. In order to stimulate regeneration, cells and organs need a specific input of energy of certain wave forms, which correlate to the weakened organ. They need the right amount of energy couple with the right message. The ideal regenerative remedy is a booster shot of subtle energy, which imprints the proper energy pattern into the matrix of that organ system, producing a message which ultimately returns that organ system to its natural resonant frequency.

The best way to stimulate this process is through the use of homeopathy. We must remember that concentrations of the key nutrients in the blood and in the intracellular fluid—which are necessary for cellular life to be sustained a renewed—are expressed in millions moles (infinitesimal quantities). Homeopathy also deals with micro-concentrations of substances which are necessary for cellular life to be sustained and renewed. Vitamins, minerals, foods, and herbs need to be broken down, and thus require energy for their conversion to micro-nutrients which can be used by the body. For many sick patients, these expenditures of energy for the processes of digestion and conversion to micro-concentrations may further deplete their energy, thus impeding regeneration. Let begin, therefore, with homeopathic micro doses and conserve energy.

The Regeneration Formulas

The RegenRx™ formulas were developed as a result of several years of extensive research, involving the treatment of several thousand patients. Many patients were initially treated with drainage and detoxification remedies. It was discovered, however, that their initial symptoms (such as allergies, fatigue, and bloating) were still present. The suggested remedies were indeed removing the toxins from the body, but organ function was still weak. Consequently, the symptoms of the patient were still present. The same foods continued to cause a reaction, afternoon fatigue still affected them, and abdominal discomfort was still experienced after eating.

Some of the formulas in the Futureplex® Endotox® line by Roy Martina, M.D. (Europe) were developed to address some of these issues, particularly the pancreas and the digestive system. But these remedies do not address the liver and bile duct system, both of which appear to be the areas where most people are found to be consistently weak.

The Futureplex® Flower Combinations by Dr. Marina are an important breakthrough which address the role of emotions in blocking the regenerative process. Both conscious and subconscious emotions can interfere with the fee flow of energy in our bodies, initially blocking the pituitary's regeneration signal. This line is very powerful, and is probably not being utilized to its full potential. RegenRx™ formulas can work synergistically with these formulas.

Dr. Martina's Futureplex® Allertox™ series has been enormously helpful in neutralizing key allergens that perpetuate weakness in the key organ systems of the body. The RegenRx™ formulas complement this line (as well as any other allergy treatment), ensuring that the organ function is strong and will not be weakened by exposure to allergens.

The RegenRx™ formulas also work complementarily with the Futureplex® Antitox™ line (for exogenous detoxification), and will greatly enhance the results of any detoxification process.

When Should RegenRx™ Formulas Be Given?

The ideal treatment of a patient involves initial drainage and detoxification, identification of the weak area (or focus) in the body, addressing the emotional, nutritional, toxic, and allergic triggers, and regenerating the major organ systems of the body to crate a state of optimal health. Eating well, a balanced lifestyle, and aerobic exercise are also essential ingredients for optimal health.

The RegenRx™ Formulas work best when drainage and detoxification are completed. Being free of toxins, the body is ready for the next phase of "getting strong." One or two regeneration remedies can be given to a patient on the first visit, especially of the weak area (or focus) has been identified. For example, treat the liver, bile ducts, or pancreas. In this instance, you are simultaneously detoxifying and strengthening that particular organ.

Practitioners will find remarkable results by adding these regeneration remedies to whatever therapies they are currently using. The formulas will strengthen the effects of both acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.

What Makes the RegenRx™ Formulas Unique?

  1. The formulas contain homeopathic ATP (adenosine triphosphate). In the research and development stage of these formulas, ATP 5X was found to be the essential energy frequency to assist regeneration in all tissues and organs of the body. ATP, a high-energy phosphate compound, is produced in the mitochondria of cells in the process of oxidative phosphorylation. It is the principal energy source for energy-requiring processes in animals and plants. It is a key ingredient in the RegenRx™ formulas, providing the precise energy input to stimulate cellular regeneration.
  2. Many of the ingredients in the RegenRx™ formulas have multiple potencies, both in the X and C dilutions. These are specially selected homaccords (hereafter named multicords). In the process of degeneration, cells lose vitality and energy. This primarily occurs as a result of toxic physical/energetic interference which many alter the bioenergetic nature of the cell. Regeneration requires a quantum jump in the energy leve3l of an organ or tissue. This is accomplished with a solution which correctly energizes the organ. The organ then uses this quantum of energy to effect regeneration. This specific energy is ATP 5X. However, by itself, energy is not enough. There is also need to be a message which tells the cell to move into regenerative mode. It is the combination of the X and C potencies which act as the vehicle for delivering the message to initiate regeneration. The use of X and C potencies (multicords) of the same ingredient provides a cleaner and more amplified transitional pathway as the body's needs for different frequencies change during therapy.
  3. Many of the formulas have LM potencies. The LM dilution is 1/50,000, involving only one succession (instead of the four successions that would occur in a dilution of 4S, or 1/10,000). These LM potencies are more popular in Europe. Clinical research has shown the 1 LM and 2LM potencies to promote regeneration through a more biochemical effect.
  4. Several of the formulas have homeopathic potencies of hormones, such as testosterone, thyroxin, and progesterone. These hormones have been extensively research, and in the potencies listed, they have regenerative effects upon specific organs.

General Structure of the RegenRx™ Formulas


(general homeopathic regeneration effects)

(address homeopathic symptom pictures)

LM Potencies
(biochemical regeneration effect)

C Potencies of Hormones
(direct effect on hormones BioEnergy; organ-
Specific regenerative effect)

Special Situations

  • We have all encountered very sensitive patients whose complaints are mostly emotional, who also complain of fatigue. Giving drainage and detoxification remedies to such patients will almost always make them ore ill initial. This is an ideal situation for giving solely the regeneration remedies on the first visit or during the first few weeks of the therapy. Once these patients feel stronger, they begin the process of organ drainage at a slower pace, and with minimal discomfort. They have more confidence in their therapy, and can be treated much ore successfully.
  • There are those patients who are treated best by giving them only flower remedies (for emotional therapy) for the first few visits. This is perfect time to add the PITUITARY (R-7) RegenRx™ formula to their therapy. This formula has a stress-reducing effect, not by a calming or sedating action, but by making the patient more emotionally and mentally resilient to future stressors.

    The pituitary gland converts neurological signals from the cerebral hemispheres and hypothalamus to secretory signals which release hormones that affect major organs, glands and tissues of the body. In addition, it seems to be the entry point for mental/emotional imbalances to affect the biochemistry of the body. By keeping the pituitary gland strong and in regenerative mode, emotional and psychological therapy will be more successful.
  • The Regeneration formulas are safe to give during pregnancy. No unfavorable reactions have ever been experience by pregnant women. Pregnancy puts a considerable amount of stress o the kidneys. Both ankle edema and toxemia of pregnancy occur as a result of weakness of the kidneys during pregnancy. Consequently, the KIDNEY (R-4) RegenRx™ formula sill be a great help, especially in the last two trimesters.
  • In both children and pregnant women, the pituitary gland is usually functioning optimally. The PITUITARY(R-7) formula is generally net needed in these instances.
  • When using the IMMU-VIR™ and IMMU-CAN™ (R-12) formulas, it is essential to add drainage remedies.
  • Reactions to these formulas are usually minimal. Children should take half the adult dose. If older patients are given only these formulas on their first visit, the dosage should be reduced to twice a day.
  • The normal adult dose is 10 drops there times per day.
  • Do not take the remedies before sleep, since their energizing effect may interfere with sleep.

Maintenance Dose

After patients have achieved their optimal health levels, and have maintained these levels for several months, they take the formulas once a day for preventative and maintenance purpose.

Promoting Regeneration Through Diet and Lifestyle

There are many positive ways we can promote regeneration through a healthy lifestyle. With each remedy there is an associated dietary or lifestyle guidelines which complements regeneration. Using the following 12 guidelines provides excellent support for the regenerative process.

  1. LIVER Avoid alcohol
  2. BILE DUCTS Reduce fat intake to 15% of total calories
  3. PANCREAS Limit caffeine and sugar
  4. KIDNEY Drink 6-8 glasses of water and other healthy drinks daily
  5. LARGE INTESTINE Avoid dairy products
  6. THYROID Exercise daily to increase your body's metabolic rate
  7. PITUITARY Stay on course and maintain a rhythm in your life
  8. LYMPHATICS Deep breathing and massage
  9. SPLEEN Avoid ice-cold drinks and pork
  10. LUNG Avoid tobacco
  11. IMMU-VIR™ Reduce the notion of stress as a threat; mediate and develop
  12. IMMU-CAN™ learn about possible dangers of silver amalgam fillings and
    consider removing them from your teeth; avoid sugar and
    foods with vinegar

The RegenRx™ Formulas

The following pages include descriptions of the 12 RegenRx™ formulas. Each description begins with a brief background section, which details the function or characteristics of the targeted organ, tissue, or microbe. Also included are some of the ore common symptoms of disorders affecting this organ or tissue in the body. Specific information given for each formula includes Indications and Users, Dosage, and INGREDIENTS.

These remedies work on regeneration of the BioEnergy of the major organ systems of the body:

R-10) LUNG