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Mind/Body Longevity: Stress and Quantum Medicine

By Dr. Janet Hranicky Ph.D.

The growing field of quantum Medicine enables us to look at the human body as an electrical/electromagnetic system which is charged and which charges the larger Quantum Field. Consciousness is the organized carrier of information and as each person has their own "personality templates" each person has their own unique "Bio-Energy of Frequency Pattern".

The ability to experience a wide range of frequencies stimulates the vitality and healing properties of our Bio Energy Field. Exuberant health reflects an energy field which is flexible and strong, complex and organized; where energy flows in a non-chaotic symmetry.

Consciousness is the agency of change for emotions. Emotions carry charge and charge is the agency of change within matter. The more charge that a unit of matter possesses, the more it can change.

The significance of change is profound in the vitality of our healing properties.

The ability to change is a prerequisite for the electrical circuitry in our bodies to work.

If charge, i.e. emotions, could not produce movement of particles, then any applied power would produce no effect.

The Matrix of Whole Person, Cellular, Communication: Changing Gene Expression

We have, until very recently, believed that our DNA determined the expression of our genes through a one way communication channel.
DNA > RNA > Gene Expression

We now understand, thanks to Dr. Bruce Lipton's work and others', that this can be a two way communication channel.

Our perceptions, experiences, and behaviors actually communicate back up, channel through the RNA to the DNA, and can change gene expression and actually change DNA.

The implications for this knowledge are so exciting when we can appreciate how by turning on and off certain genes we are allowed access to the library of health and longevity. We can consciously pull out the books and we can put them back.

When we begin to realize that consciousness is not a thing, but rather the process and potential of constructing reality, we can appreciate in our animate universe, which includes the very matrix of all of our cells, everything is consciousness.

Consciousness is the organizing principle for all things, determining the arrangement of universal energy into matter and non-matter and the arrangement of DNA information into its various forms.

Linking Massive Pleasure to Love, Health, and Longevity

What we link Pleasure to and what we link Pain to create our destiny. Anything that we can imagine is ours, which includes love, health, and longevity. Love, health and longevity are natural states and byproducts of being connected to source energy: Pure, Positive, Flowing Energy.

Disconnection from feeling love, or experiencing illness, or shortened longevity is always associated with resistance in what is the natural state.

Goals to achieve, material wealth, and success are merely byproducts of focusing our desires, which brings a state of joy where we have vibrational attraction to that which is a vibrational match to us.

We can create new emotional habits and condition ourselves to feel great. The quality of our life is in the quality of the questions we ask ourselves daily.

Knowing how to excite ourselves emotionally and then how to reinforce our desired emotional states through the use of anchoring is a key principle in knowing how to influence the feeling states in our relationships, how to influence the healing systems in our bodies, and how to maximize our longevity through consciously vibrating our BioEnergy Field.