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Mercury Filling Protocol

By Dr. Michael Galitzer M.D.

  1. MercuryAll Mercury fillings need to be removed in patients with chronic complaints such as fatigue, fuzzy thinking, insomnia, etc.
  2. All people with chronic illness of any sort should have their mercury fillings replaced. The first step is to give Selenium to help neutralize the effects of mercury.
  3. All patients are initially toxic, and ideally should first start on a drainage and organ regeneration program before having their fillings replaced.
  4. Drainage involves stimulation of the liver, kidney, and lymph systems in order to improve their excretory efficiency. It includes water, herbs, homeopathics, colonics, sauna, and skin brushing.
  5. Regeneration of organs, improving endocrine function, and balancing the autonomic nervous system can be accomplished by using modalities such as exercise, nutrition, homeopathy, acupuncture, laser, photons, sound and music.
  6. ON THE DAY BEFORE AND DAY OF mercury filling removal start on chlorell (2) 3x/day. At the end of the dental visit, take 4,000 mg. of Vitamin C.
  7. After all fillings are removed chelation is given in order to pull mercury out of the tissues, and into the urine. This is enhanced with Nariwa Water and Kidney drainage. Urine is collected and analyzed for heavy metal content.
  8. Bio-impedance testing is used to help determine overall vitality and energy status, so as to improve one's overall health.