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Chronic constipation; acute help; and ONDAMED therapy

Speech at "Medizinische Hochschule Hannover" on

March 22nd

by Dr. med.Wolf-Dieter Kessler

Dedicated to Prof. H.R. Raab, Clinic center, Oldenburg, Germany.

Title: Chronic constipation; acute help; and ONDAMED therapy

Constipation can undermine the whole body, affecting digestion, the clearing of toxins, energy level, and the absorption of nutrients.

Recognizing that regularity is important to health and that the colon along with the pancreas provides the start of disease, alternative medicine offers a variety of approaches to help the colon return to its natural state of health.

The smaller intestine seems to play a key role in colon dysfunction and ONDAMED can find and treat the interconnected impaired organs.
ONDAMED along with other empirical means can restore colon function.

Acute help could be given by a number of different regimens:

1. Fluids, fiber and exercise    
2. Eliminating key allergenic foods such as dairy products, wheat and flour products
3. Bulking agents, and if patient is still bloating, in combination with up to 800 mg of magnesium for adults
4. Psyllium: take one or two teaspoons daily (watch for possible allergy), or ground flaxseed simply added to cereal or carrot/celery/apple/spinach juices
5. Herbs such as aloe, cascara sagrada, senna and rhubarb
6. Liver support by plants such as silymarin and dandalion root
7. Herbal use such as blackthorn to increase peristalsis
8. Use of low dose (12,5-25ng) of thyroxin in case of thyroid hypo function especially after intake of antibiotics or after surgery if body temperature is below normal
9. Reduction of sugar intake and stool test for yeast overgrowth
10. Vitamin C (in doses of 90% bowel tolerance) James Braly, M.D.
11. Evening primrose oil (6-8 capsules daily).
12. Increasing dosages of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, a form of essential fatty acid,     3-6 capsules daily)   
13. Probiotics to facilitate the growth of friendly bacteria. Given as Lactobacillus acidophilus over one billion per gram, accompanied by 1/8 teaspoon of bifidobacteria bifidum and ½ teaspoon of lactobacilus bulgaricus taken 20 minutes before meals or with meals.
14.  Homeopathy such as Alumina, Bryonia, Graphites, Natrium mur, Nux vomiva, Silicea

  1. We like to give Pascomucil and Legapas mono drops, gradually increasing                                   (Pascoe,Germany)

ONDAMED therapy:
After practicing alternative medicine for decades, to me relative acidity or alkalinity of food is most important.
To maintain a healthy intestine, you must know that food such as meats, dairy, and sugar can interfere with normal colon function.  Alkaline foods like vegetables and fruits have a natural laxative effect.

But it seemed to me that key food allergens represent the foremost problem concerning intestinal function.I agree with Dr. Braly, M.D. of Hollywood, Florida, who explained,

I had to treat a banker in his mid-forties, who complained of fatigue, lower back pain, dizziness, nausea, weight gain, high blood pressure, headaches, and severe constipation.The patient was dependent on laxatives and also taking two prescription medicines and 6-8 aspirins daily. I changed the patient's diet eliminating key allergenic foods, and within ten days his chronic constipation disappeared along with all the other conditions except lower back pain. The patient was able to give up all his medications and lost eight pounds. No amount of bran or other fiber would have done the trick alone.

The elimination of allergies was the crucial factor.

Over years I have found the impairment of function of the smaller intestine linked to severe colon disorder and other diseases.  Especially wheat and flour products are among the first not to be tolerated by the smaller intestine if other organs get out of balance. Chinese medicine points up the interconnectedness of the smaller intestine not only to the hormonal meridian, but also to any other organ according to the Five Element Theory. Any energetic impairment of the smaller intestine by other organs will instantaneously lead to enzyme failure in epithelial cells of the smaller intestine. Enzymes are extremely dependent upon proper acid/base ratio. Energetic impairment of smaller intestine leads to insufficient build down of wheat products and dairy products resulting in acidity and intoxication of the lymph system by these macromolecules.

To return the smaller intestine to a healthy energetic status we need to find the underlying and interconnected blocked organs and/or lymph sites. These will be attended to by special electromagnetic-, color-, and sound-frequencies found and provided by the ONDAMED system.

Before I go into details here, let me – at this point – quote Galileo in a letter to Johannes Kepler, circa 1630, which I found in the Definitive Guide of Alternative Medicine of my friend Dr.h.c.Burton Goldberg, a leading medical journalist and publisher in the United States (see also

My dear Kepler, what do you say of the leading philosophers here, to whom I have offered a thousand times of my own accord to show my studies, but who, with the lazy obstinacy of a serpent who has eaten his fill, have never consented to look at the planets or moon, or telescope? Verily just as serpents close their ears, so do men close their eyes to the light of truth.
ONDAMED is a German Electromagnetic Therapy System using biophysics. The device has been developed by Rolf Binder after 20 years of research.  According to MIP (Massachusetts Institute of Physics) the dielectric constants of organs are known. Consequently the organs will resonate to certain frequencies. Electromagnetic therapy has been used with great success in bone fractures and osteoporosis, ONDAMED in addition can find so called blocked organs or lymph sites and consequently help restore normal function. In cases of constipation we had to apply the therapies very individually according to the found blockages. Often the bile system had to be addressed.
However, ONDAMED provides preset programs such as constipation, bowel irregularities, digestion regulation, metabolic regulation, support of bacterial intestinal flora, atonic intestine, bile flow improvement and others.

This innovative and comprehensive system relates to the French celebrity doctor, Paul Nogier, who first detected blocked sites by his pulse and polarizing filter method (1960s).

To understand the underlying problems of colon dysfunction we first find the specific frequencies for the patient with ONDAMED and PF (pulse feedback).
Then we scan the body from top to toe, monitoring pulse change. The areas showing pulse alteration are crucial. We apply the patient-specific frequencies to the detected blocked areas.

Since we use also frequencies below 10 Hz, ONDAMED can break pathogenic frequency patterns in the central nervous system. Since the brain is involved in any disease, ONDAMED can restore organ function on highest levels, going down to the hormonal level, the organs, enzymes and cell metabolism.

ONDAMED will jump start organ functions by improving the body's response to any other natural or chemical remedy. Non-responding to therapy is the key problem in "integrative medicine" and it is referred to blocked organ – lymph sites.

ONDAMED combined with Neural Therapy (Huneke, 1925) is very effective due to the ability to find the patient's blocked areas, or interference fields.

To prove effective therapy, ONDAMED has mastered many case studies in the USA since mid 2002. Digital Infrared Thermograph Images have been applied before and after ONDAMED therapies to picture objective change along with the subjective statement of the patient.

Here I show you the dramatic improvement of a forty-year-old female medical doctor who suffered from chronic abdominal- and deep upper thigh thrombosis. She was already on Coumadin for weeks and showed only little improvement. After sessions with ONDAMED using a number of frequencies, preset protocols and frequencies against salmonella, she felt happily relieved.

The second case is a sixty-two-year old male with a macula foramen IIa. He underwent two unsuccessful surgeries; he came to my clinic for help. ONDAMED therapy had been given to him 3 times per week over three months and the third operation was successful.

As these cases demonstrate successful improvement of body regulation, chronic constipation must be cared for layer-by-layer matching the patient-specific blockages.

To treat metabolic stress caused by food allergens we must know that the adrenal glands hold the key to the hierarchy of hormones. To improve their functions we recommend not only avoid allergenic foods but to supplement with the following substances:

Vitamin C 2000-4000mg per day (highest concentration of vitamin C is in the adrenals), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid, 500mg twice daily), magnesium (500 mg per day) and a licorice tincture (10 drops sublingually 3 times per day) or licorice tea according to Dr. Galitzer (