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Fall 2006 Update

I was grateful to be asked to write the Foreword for Suzanne Somers’ latest best selling book Ageless. I highly recommend that everyone interested in optimizing their health read this book, for it is loaded with great information from many experts in Anti-Aging Medicine. Please visit the website,, to view the foreword and my interview in this book.

I have recently been appointed to serve on the Board of The American College For Advancement in Medicine (ACAM). ACAM was founded in 1973, and has been the leader in the area of Complementary and Integrative Medicine. This fall ACAM is sponsoring a symposium on Brain Longevity in Palm Springs. For more information please go to

My wife, Dr. Janet Hranicky, has developed an outstanding One day Longevity Program that is available to everyone at both the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara offices. For more information go to and go the The Younger You® Program.

We have been very excited with the diagnostic capabilities of two new technologies recently instituted at the office. The first is a machine to help assess thyroid function. The other is a machine that non-invasively measures small and large artery disease. It is FDA approved. Abnormal small artery readings correlate with vulnerable plaque, something that cannot be seen on a Calcium Scan of the Heart. It can only be seen on a CT Angiogram of the Heart. A person with small artery disease does not usually have any symptoms, but this can progress to cerebrovascular and coronary artery disease. Once a person is identified as having small artery abnormalities, a search for the two most common causes is undertaken. It is usually either heavy metal toxicity or an increased load of pathogens (usually viruses). If the latter exists it is usually accompanied by a tendency to have blood that is too thick. With appropriate treatment, this condition can be reversed.

I have developed new Health Formulas that address the concept that aging is related to a decrease of protein synthesis within the organs. Examples are the loss of elastin in the skin, and the loss of the bony matrix in osteoporosis. The goal is to stimulate protein synthesis in the targeted organ using RNA.

These are exciting times!