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Fall 2005 Update

The office continues to be flooded with inquiries from people interested in Anti-Aging and BioIdentical Hormones.

I am participating in a research study studying the efficacy of BioIdentical Hormones that will prove its safety and usefulness.

In November 2005, as in May 2005, I addressed the American College for Advancement in Medicine, talking about the role of Bio-energetic Medicine and BioIdentical hormones in the treatment of menopause.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the other services that are available in this office. There are several intra-venous therapies that are offered:

1) Intra-venous Vitamin C – for detoxification, hydration, and its adrenal stimulating effect.

2) Intra-venous chelation for removal of mercury and other heavy metals from the body. This is followed by a 6 hour urine collection which is sent to a lab, which then determines the amount of heavy metals that have been removed from the body.

3) Intra-venous glutathione for patients with Neurological Disorders, for those patients with reduced levels of anti-oxidants, and to help optimize liver detoxification.

4) Intra-venous Minerals for patients who are mineral depleted.

5) Other therapies for enhancement of liver and brain function.

6) Oxygen therapy.

Other treatments that are offered include mind/body medicine, acupuncture, low-level laser, and sensory resonance. The Santa Barbara office continues to grow with the addition of 2 Physician Assistants. All of the above services are also offered there.

Research is continually being done in the area of how best to optimize the use of BioIdentical Hormones. Aging is definitely slowed when we combine herbal and homeopathic formulas with BioIdentical Hormones. The overall goal is to balance estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone wit optimal functioning of the thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, and liver.

A new line of formulas is being created to further address the area of regeneration and rejuvenation. These formulas will feature the use of RNA.

Stay Happy and Grateful.

Michael Galitzer, M.D.