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Galitzero's Gauge

Health = Non-Acidic Cells

To achieve optimal health, you must have the latest medical information. It is with that intention that we are inaugurating this Newsletter. I wish to highlight the latest advances in the fields of Biological and Anti-Aging Medicine, of which there are many new therapies that we are presently incorporating into both practice locations: The American Health Institute in Los Angeles, and our newest facility, The Center for Anti-Aging Medicine in Santa Barbara. For the last few years, I have been using Biological Terrain Analysis in my practice. The underlying concept is that just like a farmer needs healthy soil to grow healthy crops, we need healthy soil to maintain our health. The "soil" is best analyzed by measuring pH, Redox, and Resistivity of blood, urine, and saliva, after a 12 hour fast, first thing in the morning.

The more acidic our cells and tissues are, the less well we feel. As our tissues become more acidic, our blood, and saliva become more alkaline. Thus, by measuring the pH of the blood, saliva, and urine we can get an excellent snapshot of celluar acidity. Redox allows us to determine how much oxidative stress (free radical stress) is occurring in our bodies. Resistivity tells us if we need more minerals and enzymes, and in the case of urine resisitivity, how well our kidneys are excreting wastes. This test can be done in the office in 10 minutes, and an immediate printout of the results is done, so that we can go over the results together. Follow-up urine tests are usually done every 3 weeks.