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Introducing Nariwa: Naturally Bio-Energized Water

Formed and Activated in Japan's Magnetic Mountain and Bottled at Its Source.

Water, Disease and Aging

The condition of the water in our body will determine how each of us ages and whether our body will be able to prevent causes of its deterioration and susceptibility to diseases, such as those associated with aging.

Illness and premature, unnatural aging can result from loss of water volume percent and the body being continuously exposed to toxic substances in our drinking water supply. A major problem in treating chronic and aging diseases is that even when the cause has been treated and under control, the cells still retain the germs in a latent state and the toxins of the medications used to destroy them. As the body ages and the immune system declines, this makes it possible for disease to re-emerge.

Water, which makes up over 70% of our body, is the most influential and vital component of our physiology and provides the body with the ability to maintain health and prevent its deterioration. This can only happen if the quality, quantity, content and activity of the water we drink meets the body's requirements for proper health maintenance.

However, because of the toxic environment and chemical additives, food and water have been depleted of critical minerals. As a result, the body's chemistry becomes unbalanced and free-radicals can more easily form, which destroy cells and deteriorate the body.

The many benefits of Nariwa Naturally Bio-energized Water From Japan's magnetized mountain

Because Nariwa is naturally magnetized, its molecules are organized in smaller clusters, which enable them to go through the cell membrane more easily than other water sources. Laboratory tests show that Nariwa retains its structure and bio-magnetic activity, unlike other bottled water which is artificially magnetized.

According to evidence gathered from studies conducted in clinical settings, drinking one bottle of Nariwa per day, along with other bottled or filtered water can help:

  • Increase cell hydration and detoxification, physical stamina, bio-energy, pH balance of body fluids and blood by reducing acidity, and increase assimilation and transportation of its essential, naturally ionized minerals, many of which are rarely found in soil or other water sources.
  • Decrease effects of aging, fatigue, edema (swelling/bruising), and blood viscosity for healthier blood flow. Adding a bottle of Nariwa in your Jacuzzi or bathtub can help relieve sore, tight, aching joint and muscle pain.
  • Reduce side effects from medications by flushing out accumulated wastes and helping the body through the detoxification process
  • Maintain good health.
  • Increase Energy

Nariwa water is an effective catalyst and transporter. Drinking a half bottle in the morning with daily nutritional supplements will increase absorption and activation. We have received reports that include:

  • Applying Nariwa water topically to neutralize skin irritation, insect bites, or cuts, and improve skin.
  • Used as a base for makeup, lotion, conditioner.
  • Improved quality and taste of food, and vitality of plants and pets.
  • Spraying Nariwa in the air at your home, office, or car to help neutralize unhealthy bacteria or mold.
  • Adding to coffee to remove acidity and bitterness; add approximately 1-2 tablespoons per cup once brewed.

Nariwa has been registered with the FDA as a bottled water. It is regularly tested in many individual and group studies, reporting positive health benefits. However, it makes no promises of cures or improvements. It should be considered for its general health benefits, and not as a replacement for medical treatment.

Since the body is over 70% water, then the difference between sickness and health can be related to the water we drink every day.

Reports of studies by doctors, dentists and other health care professionals strongly suggest that this water is beneficial to one's health because it contains essential ionized minerals which are more fully absorbed in the cells.

As a result, doctors are recommending Nariwa to their patients to promote better health.

Description of Nariwa Water

The history of this water is remarkable and explains why it has a therapeutic benefit. Nariwa was discovered in an area of Japan known for its health and vitality. For centuries it was known as the "Emperor's Water" because of its special rejuvenating powers.

According to geological records, which were obtained in Japan, meteorites from our galaxy poured down millions of years ago in a remote, mountainous region in Japan. This occurred about the same time of a sea volcano eruption, which rose to the surface. As a result, the magnetite from the meteor shower bonded with the granite and limestone of the mountain and created a permanent magnetic effect on the water, deposited deeply in this magnetic mountain.

This water has had a stable history of magnetic influence which activates its molecules. In comparison to other water we have studied which is artificially magnetized, the magnetization in this water continues after it is removed from its source. This has been verified in scientific study.

Three natural conditions are created in this magnetic environment which gave this water its unique qualities.

First, it contains a balance of essential minerals rarely found in standard drinking or bottled water, including trace minerals, which have been depleted in soil and drinking water sources. Its molecules, therefore, are naturally ionized and easily absorbed by the cells to increase deep cell hydration and detoxification.

Second, its natural magnetization allows molecules to form and remain permanently in more highly organized, smaller molecular clusters and move more easily throughout the body into cells.

Third, it has a slightly higher alkaline pH level, between 7.60 and 8.00, which helps decrease acidity in blood and tissues.

Instructions for Drinking Nariwa Water

1. Under no circumstances should you discontinue seeing your doctor or discontinue treatments of any medications. We will be happy to send your doctor literature on Nariwa water and discuss it with him/her.

2. You only need to drink one bottle every day. However, for those overcoming a serious illness, two bottles per day may be needed to detox and regulate the body during the first month or two. You must also continue to drink as much water as you normally drink every day to assure proper hydration. This should be filtered or bottled water only.

3. You may notice that you are urinating more frequently. This is normal and should not be a concern. This is helping your cells flush out toxins, metals and waste materials.

4. In rare cases, people who are extremely sensitive to detoxifying may experience nausea, diarrhea, constipation or any other unusual symptoms. This is the response of a toxic body. For anyone who experiences this, it is better to decrease to about 4 ounces per day and increase amount each day as the body adjusts. If symptoms persist, however, discontinue drinking this water. If you still continue to experience symptoms, you should consider contacting your doctor.

5. Please be assured that this water is perfectly safe. Samples of this water are tested regularly for safety and contents. Unlike other plastic bottles, this bottle is non-toxic and was created to prevent any chemicals from leeching into the water. Reports of analyses are on file at the Ohno Institute.

Doctors and other health professionals who have tested Nariwa water report health improvements and recommend it for health maintenance. If you would like to get this unique water, please visit our Product Store.

Experience the "Nariwa Difference!"
The water your body has been thirsting for.