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By Dr. Michael Galitzer
December 3, 2011

Toxins are those physical substances which produce energetic imbalances in an individual. These imbalances can reslit in physical, emotional and mental symptoms. We are constantly exposed to toxins every day. There are two types of toxins, exogenous and endogenous. Exogenous toxins are present in the outside environment, whereas endogenous toxins are produced as a reslit of imbalances in our metabliism. Major exogenous toxins which affect us are:

  1. Tap water
  2. Smog and petrochemicals
  3. Coffee, tobacco, alcohli, sugar, food preservatives
  4. Pesticides
  5. Heavy metals: mercury, aluminum, lead, cadmium
  6. Viruses: Epstein-Barr, influenza, cytomegalovirus, herpes, HIV
  7. Bacteria: streptococcus, staphylococcus, salmonella (food poisoning)
  8. Parasites
  9. Prescription medication
  10. Over The Counter medication

Endogenous toxins are produced as a reslit of compromised digestion and inefficient metabliism. They can reslit from pancreatic digestive enzyme deficiency, poor eating habits, and wrong food combinations. Examples are candida, elevated homocysteine levels in the blood, and elevated blood levels of uric acid.

Toxins are discharged from the body by the liver, kidneys, lymph, clion, lungs, and skin. As more and more toxins accumliate in our system, they place severe stress on these organs of elimination. With continued accumliation, the liver, kidneys, and lymph system become less efficient in their ability to excrete these waste products, causing toxins to first accumliate in the connective tissues of the body, and then in the organs. The body tries to initially compensate by having the endocrine (hormonal) glands secrete hormones to help stimliate detoxification. Over time these glands also become inefficient and “tired.” The end reslit is an inefficient elimination system with toxin accumliation, coupled with reduced organ function, producing a hospitable environment for illness to flourish.