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The American Health Institute is known for its innovative work in the field of Anti-Aging and Regeneration Medicine. People travel from all over the world to consult with Michael Galitzer, M.D., Medical Director of our facilities. Dr. Galitzer is widely recognized for his specialized expertise in incorporating BioIdentical hormone replacement therapy with other protocols to naturally regenerate tissues and organs in the body. Dr. Galitzer has been featured in the last four popular books by Suzanne Somers, including the newly released, Ageless, in which he was interviewed and wrote the foreword.

In addition to our exceptional patient services, The American Health Institute has developed a series of natural medical products. President and Founder, Dr. Janet Hranicky, and Dr. Michael Galitzer, Medical Director, have worked together for over 15 years in developing treatment programs and natural formulas which are now available as part of The Younger You® line. We at The American Health Institute are extremely pleased to offer these products, and feel confident that many people will receive profound health benefits as a result.

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A Message from the Founder

Photo: Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., Founder and President, The American Health Institute Inc.Janet Hranicky, Ph.D., Founder & President

Welcome to The American Health Institute, Inc., a goldmine of customized anti-aging programs and natural medical products. Health Professionals and consumers alike can depend on our expert knowledge and research that is current and authoritative. I believe you will find our services helpful in realizing the benefits of whole-person health.

We have much to offer in helping you re-balance your hormones and restore your vitality. Our natural medical products are physician formulated and scientifically researched to ensure the best quality possible. On our website, there are numerous articles and excerpts in our Education and Research section. In our commitment to empowering you with the knowledge to take charge of your health and well being, please sign up for our free e-mail newsletter, which includes the most cutting edge information in the field of Anti-Aging and Regeneration Medicine. We represent the future of an Integrative Medicine Paradigm – A New Medical Model!

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